Junior Project

CAMP Junior Project.

Steps and Requirements:

  1. Pick a technology topic- You will do this in class.

  2. Make a google doc folder titled Last,First JP __Name of topic__  All of the following requirements need to be placed in the folder. You must share this folder with the CAMP teachers. For the following portions of the assignment, you may NOT cut and paste text.  You must summarize the information you obtain. If you plagiarize this assignment, you will receive an F on the entire project. (Peratt and Ostlie)

  3. HISTORY: Research your topic. Find 5 major changes from the start of your topic to the end of your topic.  Put them in chronological order. Please include items A-G in a google document titled History. Include the following information for all products unless otherwise specified:

    1. Name of Product/ Development

    2. Year

    3. Median household incomes for product years (minimum of 2)

    4. Description (pick one)

      1. Physical Description of item

      2. What has changed from previous item i.e. materials, structure, features, etc.

      3. How it works

    5. Pictures of the actual product which are year specific

    6. Ads/Marketing pictures or videos advertising the product which are year specific. (minimum of 1)

    7. Links to Legitimate/VALID resources. You must include three per product.

    8. Build a timeline at http://www.timetoast.com/ with the information obtained.(Moore, Peratt, and Ostlie)

  4. ENGLISH: You will write a one page google document titled Inventor Biography on the following information:

    1. A short biography of the inventor of the product that had the most impact on the world.(Parker)

  5. Science and Engineering Category: Describe the impact that the product/ development had on the world and what similar inventions existed during that time period. You will pick one topic from Science and one topic from Engineering. Make separate documents in google docs and name one Science and one Engineering. You will write a half page write-up on one of the three topics listed below in both categories.

    1. SCIENCE:

      1. Natural resources involved and recycling efforts

      2. How does it affect science and life

      3. Environmental Impact


      1. How it works (Basic concepts important to operation)

      2. Explanation of how technology changed over time

      3. Industrial uses

(Schneider- Science Portion and Haglund Engineering Portion)

  1. Future Product Pricing: Assuming your model has a linear relationship, predict the price of the product in the year 2050.  With your data, compose a graph in google draw. Label it correctly and show your projection. In addition, write a one page paper discussing the following question:

    1. According to the model, is it an accurate model?  Why or why not?

Make a document in google docs titled Future Product Pricing. This document must include the one page write up and your graph.

(Murphy will discuss how to find the linear model and how to analyze data)

***** #7. below must be done over holiday break!****

  1. Interview: One person who has used one of the products that existed prior to your birth.

    1. Find someone to interview

    2. Ask them a minimum of 5 questions about the product and his/her interactions with it. You will be typing out these questions on a google doc titled interview. In addition to the questions typed on the document, you need to write a short bio on the interviewee (min. of 3 paragraphs)

  2. With ALL of the information you have learned, you will compose a web page or a video on your topic.

    1. Video must be approximately 5 minutes in length. +/- 20 seconds.

    2. Web Page must be visually appealing

  3. You will present the information you learned to a small panel.  You will be allowed one index card for reference, and allowed to show pictures only of your product. The website or video will be graded separately prior to the presentations.

  4. Each section will be graded for content and correct written conventions:

Division of scores:

  1. 10% Math – line graph of inflation over time

  2. 10% Analyzing data of math graph

  3. 10% Science – write up of each section with headings

  4. 10% Engineering-

  5. 20% History – overall accuracy of information

  6. 20% Webpage or Video- design and layout

  7. 10% English – Bio, Interview, and written content on website/ video.

  8. 10% English Presentation, professional dress, answering 1-2 questions


  1. Telegram to telephone

  2. Telephone to cell phone

  3. arpanet to Internet

  4. Atari to Xbox

  5. Fax to Email

  6. Edison cylinder phonograph to Cassette

  7. Cassette to Blu Ray DVD

  8. Carbon paper to Xerox

  9. Daisy wheel to laser jet printer

  10. Pinhole photography to Polaroid

  11. Polaroid to digital camera

  12. Reel to reel to video camera

  13. Black and white tube tv to led 3d tv

  14. Radio am to satellite radio

  15. Altair to pc

  16. Mac to iMac

  17. Abacus to calculator

  18. calculator to graphing calculator

  19. Microscope to electron microscope

  20. Theater to 3d movies

  21. Bulletin boards to social media

  22. Encyclopedia to Wikipedia

  23. Desktop to laptop

  24. 300 baud modem to fiber optic

  25. Pong to Skyrim

  26. Vinyl music to digital music

  27. Handwritten manuscript to eReader

  28. Cart to car

  29. Wooden club to automatic weapons

  30. Preflight to jets

  31. jets to space flight

  32. Glasses to laser eye surgery

  33. Apple

  34. Microsoft

  35. Adobe

  36. Kodak