Sundevil Survivor

Apple Valley High School

CAMP Academy

Sun Devil Survivor

As Students work in teachers class, they will receive participation grades. THE core teacher will keep track of those points

Peer Evaluation after the day…. 50 points is MAX- we will average all grades given and give them a grade out of 50 depending on their participation


All students will be able to:

  • Identify the main conflicts, symbols and themes in the novel, Lord of the Flies

  • Describe how the characters reflect Sigmund Freud’s theory’s of the ID, ego and super-ego

  • Demonstrate use of MLA and professional

  • Calculate area and perimeter

  • Define the origin and derive a linear equation

  • Produce a document that establishes and justifies a form of government

  • Calculate the longitude and latitude of the island

  • Describe the climate of the region in which the island is located

  • Create a tourism brochure to advertise features of the islan

  • Design a communications infrastructure to be used on the island

  • Based on evolutionary adaptations, design an animal specific to the island

  • Create a videography that documents the entire process.

  • Present videography, brochure, and island information orally using appropriate presentation skills.


This is an integrated team project that will be completed by “tribes” of students who will be mentored by a “clan” leader throughout the project.  Each tribe will be responsible for producing projects from English, Science, Math, Social Science and Digital Media classes.  All aspects of the project will be graded on a scoring rubric.  Detailed guidelines are listed below.  Read the guidelines carefully and each scoring rubric before beginning the tasks.



Your group and 100 other individuals have survived a crash landing on a deserted island. After you bury the dead you catalog your resources; you have the emergency kit from the airplane (gps device with a 30-day battery, 50 emergency flares, a basic first aid kit, 200 packages of peanuts and 200 waters), any normal items that your tribe was carrying, and the luggage from the plane (clothing and toiletries only).


Your group is chosen to represent the entire tribe. The first thing you must do is determine your island’s location, size, and proximity to a certain mainland to ensure that all your projects correlate to a plausible/realistic climate/geography. You may then begin building your civilization and assigning duties.


This project encompasses 25 years of life on your island. As you complete various projects, you will demonstrate how your civilization evolves. At the end of the 25 years you are finally “rescued,” but you all decide to remain on your island. At this point your tribe begins to export goods from the island and open it up for tourism, thus creating a need to advertise your island and its positive features to a broader community.



Student Expectations

Each clan member must be able to speak to all aspects of the island’s civilization.

The digital portfolio must be composed on Google Docs. Each tribe must have a main portfolio folder, and within it, sub folders with each of the following topics:

  1. Brainstorm worksheet (20pts)

  2. Project Plan (30pts)

  3. Description of the Island (50pts)

  4. Map of the Island (50pts)

  5. 3-D Model of your island (50pts)

  6. Government ans Economy (50pts)

  7. Tourism Brochure (50pts)

  8. Communication Infrastructure (50pts)

  9. Animal Design (50pts)

  10. Videography (50pts)

  11. Oral Presentation (50pts)

  12. Peer Evaluation (50 Pts)

It must be prepared using MLA format, and one half of the English portion of your grade will be based on how well your documents are written.

Project Plan:

This is a one-two page document that outlines the steps your tribe will take to complete this project.  The outline will include a task list detailing accountability for each task to be completed.  This must be a living document, typed on google docs.  Please share with the entire tribe, your leader, and Mrs. Peratt. Before you present, please print out the document, and place in section 1 of your portfolio.

Description of Island:

Your tribe must compose a written document which includes:

  1. A description of the geographical region including surrounding areas in which your island is located. You must include specific Longitude and Latitude.  *** You must include a real satellite picture of the location of your island (i.e. oceans, surrounding continents or land masses). Include  the Longitude and Latitude lines in this picture.

  2. Describe the:

    1. Climate

    2. Physical geography

    3. Natural resources

    4. Wildlife


Map of the Island:

This is to be constructed digitally using a grid, defining the origin.  Your island must have FIVE sides or more and be composed of straight lines. You must include the physical geography features (i.e. rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, plains, forest).

USE THIS MAP AS YOUR TEMPLATE FOR THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL CRITERIA. Each bolded criteria below should be built on this template, and saved in its own sub folder, using the criteria names below.


  • Linear Equations: Your tribe must define the origin and derive the linear equations of EACH line using slope-intercept form.  You must provide a scale representing measurements of your grid lines. Depending on the type of grid you choose, you must explain the scale of each square on the grid (ex: 1 square = 1 mile).


  • Perimeter: Your tribe must define the perimeter of the island in units.


  • Area: Your tribe must derive the area of the island in square units.


  • 25 Year View of Island: Your tribe must include a plot plan that includes the location of houses, government buildings, and public facilities, water sources, schools, and any other important facilities. Your tribe must include a legend.

3-D Model of your island:

You will compose a model of your island in google sketch-up or blender.  It should be a detailed model of your island to scale. You need to use the scale you made for the Map portion. In the model, please show details such as terrain, buildings, and physical geography.

Government and Economy

  • Your tribe must compose a written document that describes the form of government that your tribe has chosen.  You should include terms from your history book/teacher.

  • Justify the type of government you have formed that would prevent the degradation of the tribe so that groups like Jack’s cannot rule.

  • Create a list of basic human rights and ways to protect the rights.

  • Establish at least five laws with appropriate consequences for violation of the laws.

  • Your tribe will create an economical system which will manage your resources and distribute wealth and income


Tourism Brochure:

25 years after the crash you have decided to stay on your island. To help support your economy you decide to begin a campaign for tourism. You need to make a tri-fold brochure that advertises island features. It should contain appropriate information and pictures that makes your island appealing. You must include geography, climate, activities, restaurants, and lodging.


Communication Infrastructure:

This portion of the project identifies how your tribe members communicate with one another across large distances using only your island’s resources.  Some examples of appropriate communications forms are: smoke signals, light reflection, fires, sound, and runners/mailmen. You must include the following: calls for assembly, warnings of danger, notices of important events (ie., birthdays, holidays, deaths/births, marriages), and other communications that are vital to your society (ie., changing of the guard, curfew, marking of the hours) . You will submit both a typed explanation of your various communications and their meanings and a copy of your map on which you identify the location of communication stations/headquarters.

Animal Design:

This portion should include a picture of the original mainland animal and designing an animal that has undergone several evolutionary adaptations based on the habitat of the island. Things to consider will be the mainland animal it is adapted from and the reasons the adaptations occurred based on the components of geographic, temporal, and behavioral isolation; include a brief summary of the original animal’s ecosystem, habitat, and niche. The animal that has evolved will have to be drawn and colored along with a thorough explanation of the adaptation changes backed up by facts about your island including your evolved animal’s ecosystem, habitat, and niche. (ie.,the different shapes of the Galapagos finch beaks based on the type of food available on each island) Tell how your animal migrated to your island. You will have to give the correct genus/species for the original animal and create a new species name for your animal.


Your tribe will compose a video documenting the evolution of your experience.  The video MUST include all

team members and be approximately 4-5 minutes in length. You will show the

process in the following order. Don’t forget to age yourselves as the movie


  1. Crash landed….Flashing lights what happened? Emotions?

  2. Exploring the Island- pre-buildings, structures.  What is the Island like?

  3. Flash forward 6 Months… What is the government that you have formed?

  4. Flash forward 10 years… You have decided to stay! What is great about the island? What does communication look like? You may add some of your 3-D Map here.

  5. Flash forward 25 years… What does your island have to offer? What would attract tourists? Why would you want them to visit the island?

  6. You may add some funny/appropriate trash talking  at the end of your movie, or as little asides.

Oral Presentation:

This will be a 7 minute expository presentation, which uses your videography as

the visual aid and explains your Sundevil Survivor Project.  Each tribe member required to participate.