Remind Codes for CAMP students 2018-19 School Year

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SkillsUSA 2018 Nationals

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SkillsUSA Students make it to Nationals! -2018



SkillsUSA Letter Requirements

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SkillsUSA Letter Requirements

Apple Valley High School

Adopted May, 2017

AVHS CTE Student:


  • Must participate in both a Leadership and Skills competition within the SkillsUSA organization at the regional level AND at minimum, you must advance to and participate in the State level in either the Leadership competition, Skills competition or both.


  • Qualify and compete at the state level in a Skill or Leadership competition AND Medal TOP 3 (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) at the State Competition.


  • Qualify and compete at Nationals.


  • Be a State or Regional officer.



  • Must have 2.0 GPA or better both semesters of the school year


*Note*– Remember you must have purchased an ASB card or you can buy the letter for $25. Also, first time receivers of the letter obtain the patch for the letterman’s jacket. If qualified for the letter a second time, you will not receive another patch. You will receive a gold bar in it’s place.

Remind Codes for CAMP. 2017

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2017 CAMP Cass Codes- Remind


Text the # 81010

Use the code below that matches your grade level

SkillsUSA Regional Results 2016-17

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Congrats to the following 33 CAMP Students and their success in the regional competition. The following students are moving on to compete in the SkillsUSA State Competition.

Contest Last name First name Place
20 Second Elevator Story Cacace Gabriel 2
Broadcast News Production Alstott Kyra 1
Broadcast News Production Golson Cory 1
Broadcast News Production Hanke Samuel 1
Broadcast News Production Harvey Connor 1
Computer Programming Bair Zackary 2
Computer Programming Carr Kameron 4
Computer Programming Dobbs Rachel 5
Computer Programming Gaier James 1
Digital Cinema Production Biendara Natalie 1
Digital Cinema Production Morris Aniston 4
Digital Cinema Production Park Theodore 4
Digital Cinema Production Winkel Benee 1
Photography Marquez Monet 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Alstott Kyra 2
Promotional Bulletin Board Arredondo Jessie 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Castaneda Lanie 2
Promotional Bulletin Board Celie Rylee 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Rayburn Hannah 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Solis Samantha 2
Television (Video) Production Alvarez Rebekah 1
Television (Video) Production Bonato-Ware Whitney 1
Television (Video) Production Rosado Christopher 3
Television (Video) Production Tolsma Bethany 3
Web Design Alvarado Mario 3
Web Design Ayala Isabella 1
Web Design Cantrell Owen 4
Web Design Leeper Riley 4
Web Design Longman Valerie 2
Web Design Robinson Justin 3
Web Design Settles London 2
Web Design Villaneda Samantha 1

Back to school night- parent survey

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Learn the Ropes to College

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This letter was sent home to parents on 8/5/2016. Please note that parents are welcome to attend Tuesday, from 2-3pm in F-10 for a question and answer session.

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Remind Codes for CAMP 2016-17

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We use the Remind App for announcements and reminders. Please join the class that represents your grade level. It does not matter if you have Mr. Ostlie or Mrs. Peratt Thanks!



Basecamp- 9th Graders:



10th Graders:



11th Graders:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.22.22 PM


12th Graders:


Room Upgrades

Posted by Ryan Ostlie on 11-16-2015

We have purchased some serious new hardware for our classrooms. Since we are upgrading I decided to follow suit and upgrade the layout and design of my room as well. Here is the beginning of our room upgrades. Notice the hardware: an amazing led projector and thx certified theater speakers.


Mock Job Interviews

Posted by Ryan Ostlie on 11-16-2015


Thank you Mr. Ostlie senior for coming to do mock interviews for some of our CAMP juniors. Eleven students interviewed in front of the class and practiced their introduction and professionalism skills. The top students in three categories won prizes. The categories were best introduction, best non-verbal skills, and best overall interview (hired).


Mr. Ostlie gave the students valuable feedback that will help them with future interviews.


The winners.