SkillsUSA 2018

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 04-26-2018

This year at SkillsUSA, CAMP and other proud members did a tremendous job! Taking home 10 Gold, 6 silver, and 5 bronze medals! Nationals here we come! Apple Valley High School also won most charitable chapter.


SkillsUSA Letter Requirements

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 11-17-2017

SkillsUSA Letter Requirements

Apple Valley High School

Adopted May, 2017

AVHS CTE Student:


  • Must participate in both a Leadership and Skills competition within the SkillsUSA organization at the regional level AND at minimum, you must advance to and participate in the State level in either the Leadership competition, Skills competition or both.


  • Qualify and compete at the state level in a Skill or Leadership competition AND Medal TOP 3 (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) at the State Competition.


  • Qualify and compete at Nationals.


  • Be a State or Regional officer.



  • Must have 2.0 GPA or better both semesters of the school year


*Note*– Remember you must have purchased an ASB card or you can buy the letter for $25. Also, first time receivers of the letter obtain the patch for the letterman’s jacket. If qualified for the letter a second time, you will not receive another patch. You will receive a gold bar in it’s place.

SkillsUSA Regional Results 2016-17

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 02-17-2017

Congrats to the following 33 CAMP Students and their success in the regional competition. The following students are moving on to compete in the SkillsUSA State Competition.

Contest Last name First name Place
20 Second Elevator Story Cacace Gabriel 2
Broadcast News Production Alstott Kyra 1
Broadcast News Production Golson Cory 1
Broadcast News Production Hanke Samuel 1
Broadcast News Production Harvey Connor 1
Computer Programming Bair Zackary 2
Computer Programming Carr Kameron 4
Computer Programming Dobbs Rachel 5
Computer Programming Gaier James 1
Digital Cinema Production Biendara Natalie 1
Digital Cinema Production Morris Aniston 4
Digital Cinema Production Park Theodore 4
Digital Cinema Production Winkel Benee 1
Photography Marquez Monet 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Alstott Kyra 2
Promotional Bulletin Board Arredondo Jessie 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Castaneda Lanie 2
Promotional Bulletin Board Celie Rylee 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Rayburn Hannah 1
Promotional Bulletin Board Solis Samantha 2
Television (Video) Production Alvarez Rebekah 1
Television (Video) Production Bonato-Ware Whitney 1
Television (Video) Production Rosado Christopher 3
Television (Video) Production Tolsma Bethany 3
Web Design Alvarado Mario 3
Web Design Ayala Isabella 1
Web Design Cantrell Owen 4
Web Design Leeper Riley 4
Web Design Longman Valerie 2
Web Design Robinson Justin 3
Web Design Settles London 2
Web Design Villaneda Samantha 1

2016-17 SkillsUSA Regional Competition Updates

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 02-06-2017

2016-17 SkillsUSA Regional Competition Updates

Apple Valley High School students competed in the skills competition portion of SkillsUSA this last Saturday. We have another competition coming up this Saturday for the Leadership competition. We are so proud of all of the students and how hard they worked.
Apple Valley had 44 boys and 18 girls with a total of 62 students participating in SkillsUSA. 43 of them are moving on to represent Region 6 at the State competitions held on April 20-23, 2017 in San Diego, CA.

Mrs. Peratt Photography Gold- Monet Marquez

Digital Cinema Gold- Natalie Biendara & Benee Winkel
4th- Aniston Morris & Theodore Park

TV Video Production Gold- Whitney Bonato & Rebekah Alvarez
Bronze- Bethany Tolsma & Chris Rosado

Broadcast News Gold- Samuel Hanke, Cory Golson, Connor Harvey, and Kyra Alstott

Mr. Ostlie Web Page Gold- Isabella Ayala & Samantha Villaneda
Silver- London Settles & Valerie Longman
Bronze- Mario Alvarado & Justin Robinson
Fourth- Riley Leeper & Owen Cantrell

Computer Programming Gold- James Gaier
Silver- Zachary Bair
Fourth- Kameron Carr
Fifth- Rachel Dobbs

Mr. Dollar Automotive Service Technology: Fourth-Chantz McGowan

Introductory Automotive Service Technology: Fourth-Robert Jewell, Zackery Adcock, Lance Carman, and Koby Creason

Mr. Penfold Welding Fabrication Gold- Josh Byers, Ryan Meindl, and Michael Row

Mr. Haglund Engineering Design Tech Bronze- James Joyce, Jaegar Schroeder, and Moses Aoelua
Fourth- Sean Clark, Jakob Atkins, and Hunter Kennedy

Mr. Atkins Carpentry Silver- Justin Prothero

Team Building Bronze- Ethan Smith, Kurklen Ponce, and Dwight Kibbe

Good luck to all of the students competing this Saturday for the leadership competition!

SkillsUSA Nationals June 20-25, 2016 Louisville, Ky

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 08-12-2016

This past June, four Computer and Media Pathway (CAMP) students from Apple Valley High School competed at the National level for SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA, a National Student Organization, is a partnership of students, teachers and industries working together to provide America with a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. They provide educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the nation’s classrooms.  This past April, the AVHS CAMP students placed first in the California SkillsUSA competition, qualifying them to represent our state at the National level in Louisville, KY, where they competed against students representing other states and territories.


Natalie Biendara (now a senior) and Mackenzie Goodrow (graduated in May, 2016) competed in the Digital Cinema Competition. This team competition evaluates each contestant’s preparation for employment and recognizes outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the cinematography/short film production field. The contest was divided into four portions: a written examination to assess knowledge of industry standards, a storyboard assignment to be completed in teams of two people, an interview with 1 or more judges, and a short video (4.5 to 5 minutes) to be filmed and edited on site (all work must be done between contest briefing and designated turn-in time). All footage must be acquired after the contest begins and must be filmed within the areas specified by the field assignment. The girls had 36 hours to complete these requirements.

They placed 6th in this competition. Please watch their video at:


Gabe Lopez and Ahsan Bari (both graduated in May, 2016) competed in the Web Page Design competition. This team competition includes a series of challenges focusing on website usability and accessibility, with at least one challenge related to scripting. Each challenge must be documented, clearly demonstrating the skills as outlined in the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards. They also placed 6th in this competition.


The students’ hard work and creativity was amazing to witness, and Apple Valley High School and the CAMP Academy could not be more proud of them.


For more information on SkillsUSA, visit their website at:

Skills General Assessment of Knowledge

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Link to Quizlet

Link Fallen Tree:


AVHS SkillsUSA in the NEWS

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Nearly 150 students compete at SkillsUSA

By Staff Reports

Posted Feb. 13, 2016 at 5:37 PM

Approximately 150 students represented Apple Valley Unified School District at the Region Six SkillsUSA Regional Conference, of which 83 will advance to the state competition this spring. The regional leadership events took place Jan. 23 at Granite Hills High School and the regional skills events took place on Jan. 30 at and around San Bernardino Valley College. The regional competition attracted an estimated 1,200 students from nearly 60 schools.

AVUSD’s Brad Williams and Ryan Ostlie serve as the coordinators for Region Six, which spans San Bernardino, Mono, Orange, Inyo, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties. Williams said all of the district’s career technical programs participate in the competition and that the “most valuable takeaway” for students is the combination of “leadership skills and soft skills”.

Natalie Biendara, senior at Apple Valley High School received a gold medal in the Digital Cinema Production event.

“This year, I really connected to the prompt,” Biendara said, “so creating the video was basically just visualizing my dream.”

George Lasko, also a senior at Apple Valley High School received a gold medal in the Related Technical Math event.

“Related Technical Math sounds like a burden, and it was,” he said. “Except it was awesome being able to prove that I am good at math.”

SkillsUSA conferences are divided into two sections: leadership and skills. Leadership events hone in on soft-skills, such as public speaking, community service projects, public speaking and mock interviews. Skills events focus specifically on various skill sets, such as computer programming, automotive service technology, aviation maintenance, culinary arts, robotics, video production and health occupations. Competitions are judged by industry partners in corresponding career fields.

The Skills USA California 49th Annual State Leadership and Skill Conference will take place March 31 to April 3 in San Diego. State gold medalists will advance to nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. Last year, AVUSD sent 13 students to nationals and officials hope to continue this trend with expanding school programs and student opportunities.

SkillsUSA Regionals Results

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 02-04-2016

On January 23rd & January 30th, AVHS CAMP took some students to compete in the SkillsUSA regional competitions for leadership and skills. Below is a list of our competitors. The people who won Bronze, Silver, or Gold move ahead to the state competitions. Some competitions allow extra teams to go on to state even though they don’t place.



Gold – Natalie Biendara & MacKenzie Goodrow

“This year, I really connected to the prompt, so creating the video was basically just visualizing my dream.” – Natalie Biendara

“SkilsUSA was a great opportunity for me to put my video skills to the test; and with the help of Natalie, we have achieved amazing results.” – MacKenzie Goodrow


Bronze – Morgan Kennedy & Ishmael Solomon

“Some difficult challenges are wondering if your video and ideas are great; the reward of being able to compete is greater.” – Morgan Kennedy



Mrs. Peratt- Her Photography Students and their photo entries.


Bronze – Taylor Valdes

“These are the photos I had taken down at the regional competition. Our prompt was to take Pictures of the college, in which I found was very easy, considering it was such a broad topic. I wanted to shoot abstract things while also being simple about it. I did not edit these photos very much.” – Taylor Valdes



Other Participants:

Blanca Mandujano

“These photos were taken on the RCC campus for this year’s SkillsUSA regional Photography competition. Our prompt was to take pictures of the campus and of the school. I wanted to get shots of the campus while still paying attention to the little details because sometimes the small things turn out to be the big things. I did edit the pictures a small amount, but they were only minor details like blurring the background and cropping the image a bit.” -Blanca Mandujano

1391-A 1391-B 1391-C 1391-D

Monet Marquez

“This year was my first year competing in SkillsUSA. For the regional competition, our assignment was to photos of the school. I tried to really capture the little things about the school, and events that were going on that day and show what made the school beautiful. I took two pictures at a swim meet at the school’s aquatics facility and the other around the actual campus. It was really a pleasure to shoot this beautiful campus.” -Monet Marquez

1373-A 1373-B 1373-C 1373-D

Danielle Poohar:

1380-A 1380-B





Gold – Taylor Valdes, Gabe Lopez, Blanca Mandujano




Gold – Christian Kauffman



Silver – Samantha Solis



Gold – Jelly Contreras & Madison Denkers

“This is Madison Dankers, she was my model for SkillsUSA in the Esthetics portion. The first picture is before I started any makeup or facials on her. The Second picture is a her wearing a facial mask that has peppermint in it to tighten the skin and aduki beans to exfoliate the skin. For my fantasy portion, I decided to portray the beautifulness of the beach. Mermaids represent beauty and are thought to be majestic. Because my theme was “Face of your State ” I decided to have Maddie wearing a crown that had different emblems on it that represent California but The Golden Gate Bridge being the one that caught your attention the fastest. I did this because I wanted the judges to look down and see that she was the water under the bridge and also see that California was a state that had many  different kinds of beauty”.- Jelly Contreras


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.43.38 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.39.39 AM

Final Product: Fantasy Makeup.





Gold – Jacob Ray & Kameron Karr

Silver – Dylan Happs & London Settles

Bronze – Ashan Bahari

Advance to State – Sam Villaneda & Isabella Ayala


Advance to State – Alex Jewell & Kevin Flaiah



Gold – Kyra Alstott, Cory Golson, Connor Harvey, & Ashley Plaziak


Silver – Jacob Scoggins

Bronze- George Lasko (Guest CAMPer)

Advance to State – Morgan Kennedy


Silver – Jacob Ray

Related Technical Math


George Lasko- Gold

“Related Technical Math sounds like a burden, and it was. The worst part was having to wake up at four in the morning in order to go take a two-hour math test. Except it was awesome being able to prove that I am good at math.” -George Lasko (Guest CAMPer)

AVHS Regional SkillsUSA Advancements. 2016

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 02-04-2016

SkillsUSA Regional Results Apple Valley High School
Competition First Nameq Last Name Medal
Broadcast News Production Kyra Alstott 1 Gold
Broadcast News Production Cory Golson 1 Gold
Broadcast News Production Connor Harvey 1 Gold
Broadcast News Production Ashley Plaziak 1 Gold
CNC Technician Kylie Flynn 1 Gold
Computer Programming Christian Kauffman 1 Gold
Digital Cinema Production Natalie Biendara 1 Gold
Digital Cinema Production Mackenzie Goodrow 1 Gold
Engineering Technology/Design James Joyce 1 Gold
Engineering Technology/Design Hunter Kennedy 1 Gold
Engineering Technology/Design Jacob Rushing 1 Gold
Esthetics Jelly Contreras 1 Gold
Esthetics Madison Denkers 1 Gold
Promotional Bulletin Board Gabe Lopez 1 Gold
Promotional Bulletin Board Blanca Mandujano 1 Gold
Promotional Bulletin Board Taylor Valdes 1 Gold
Related Technical Math George Lasko 1 Gold
Web Design Kameron Carr 1 Gold
Web Design Jacob Ray 1 Gold
Welding Nestor Vega 1 Gold
Welding Fabrication Vince Castaneda 1 Gold
Welding Fabrication Sam Hall 1 Gold
Welding Fabrication Dilan Montag 1 Gold
Cabinetmaking Cody Mead 2 Silver
CNC Technician Hector Barrera 2 Silver
Computer Programming James Gaier 2 Silver
CPS-Arts,Audiovisual Technology & Communications Janelle Reyes 2 Silver
CPS-Arts,Audiovisual Technology & Communications Samantha Solis 2 Silver
CPS-Arts,Audiovisual Technology & Communications Zainab Zaidi 2 Silver
Culinary Arts Hayley Noffsinger 2 Silver
Extemporaneous Speaking Jacob Scoggins 2 Silver
Job Interview Jacob Ray 2 Silver
Web Design Dylan Happs 2 Silver
Web Design London Settles 2 Silver
Welding Michal Row 2 Silver
Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Aaron Bohnstedt 2 Silver
Automotive Service Technology Ali Mohammed Ali 3 Bronze
Culinary Arts Raymond Urena 3 Bronze
Digital Cinema Production Morgan Kennedy 3 Bronze
Digital Cinema Production Ishmael Solomon 3 Bronze
Extemporaneous Speaking George Lasko 3 Bronze
Photography Taylor Valdes 3 Bronze
Web Design Ahsan Bari 3 Bronze
Web Design Sarah Sturkie 3 Bronze
Extemporaneous Speaking Morgan Kennedy 4 Going to State
Job Skill Demonstration Open Hector Cortez 4 Going to State
Television (Video) Production Kevin Flaieh 4 Going to State
Television (Video) Production Beau Jewell 4 Going to State
Web Design Isabella Ayala 4 Going to State
Web Design Samantha Villaneda 4 Going to State
87 Competitors in 22 different categories.
48 advance to state and 21 of the categories are being represented at State.
Medal Counts:
8 Bronze
12 Silver
22 Gold
Total medals: 42
*6 Students are competing in 2 events at the state level.

Haglund’s AVEX students come out on top!

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 02-02-2016

These amazing FRESHMAN in the AVEX program participated in SkillsUSA regional competition on January 23rd & January 30th.

They competed in Engineering Design. They worked hard, and came out with a GOLD medal in the competition. They will be moving on to the State Competition in early April.





















Hunter Kennedy, James Joyce, and Jacob Rushing received GOLD in SkillsUSA Regional Competition.