C.A.M.P Bonding Day

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 01-09-2015

To further unite the students of the C.A.M.P. Academy, we hosted the first ever C.A.M.P. Bonding Day. This event was a day of fun and games which further united the tight knit C.A.M.P. Academy. Each game was specifically designed to enhance the trust and friendliness among the different grade levels within C.A.M.P.


20141027_075134_Navajo Rd.jpg

One of the games we played was the Human Knot as a way to force the students to both cooperate and establish position of leadership among the groups.

20141027_115923_Navajo Rd.jpg

One of the activities was the tower building challenge, but with a twist. Each group had a different set of materials and had to trade to acquire what they needed to build the tallest tower.


20141027_074320_Bear Valley Rd.jpg

Even the teachers participated in some of the activities like the Human Table.