C.A.M.P. Field trip

Posted by Gretchen Peratt on 01-12-2015

On November 21, 2014 the C.A.M.P. students went to see Mockingjay Part One.  It is based on the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy. The previous year C.A.M.P. went and watched Catching Fire. We walked to the Digiplex theater in Apple Valley located a few minutes from the school. We got our snacks and filled the theater with C.A.M.P. kids. We conducted the field trip to view aspects of the high action film such as camera angles. Overall, it was a memorable experience that we all loved and hope to do next year.


20141121_075257_Morning Star Rd.jpg

Our C.A.M.P. teacher, Mrs. Peratt, taking selfies with students on our way to the theater.

20141121_075800_Bear Valley Rd.jpg

Look what we found!

20141121_083935_Standing Bear Rd.jpg

In line waiting ro order.

20141121_083954_Osage Rd.jpg

Even Mrs. Peratt's family joined in on the fun!

20141121_084055_Navajo Rd.jpg

Taking group pictures while waiting for our food.

20141121_085519_Bear Valley Outerhighway N.jpg

Selfies in the theater. Look at those snacks and smiles!